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ALARMSHOP Wireless Alarm System is the product of Masterdyne Electronics Sdn Bhd, building to provide Peace of Mind Security & user friendly wireless alarm system to the users. It offers value added security by having the Anti Radio Frequency (RF) jamming function & Anti Decode remote control function. Its great & powerful wireless function helps to reduce the messy wiring & wall tampering.



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  • ANTI Radio Frequency (RF) Jamming function
  • ANTI Decode remote control
  • NO messy wiring & wall tampering
  • Mobility wireless alarm system
  • Digital LED display
  • Up to 99 wireless detectors
  • Stored up to 6 phone numbers
  • Built in microphone
  • Wireless external metal siren box
  • Low battery indicator for detectors
  • Value for money
  • PEACE of MIND security

24 months Manufacturing Defects Warranty!!!




Alarmshop Wireless Alarm System have been broadcasted on RTM1 in year 2012 for its product innovation & differentiation.



How It Works:

Detect Deter Inform

1. The thief try to initiate a break in. The break in triggered the door magnetic sensor / window vibration sensor.
2. The magnetic / vibration sensor send a signal to the alarm control panel and then triggered the siren.
3. At the same time, control panel will start dialing to the telephone number preset earlier to inform the house owner.



Components & Accessories

IRD91HW  DIR7915  PIR7930

Complete System Set
(10 points)

Condominium System Set
(6 points)

Door Magnetic Sensor

 Indoor IR Dome  Vandal Resistant Mini IR Dome  Outdoor 30m IR
 View Details  View Details  View Details


Window Vibration Sensor

Wireless Remote Control

Wireless Indoor Siren

 Outdoor 50m IR
 View Details  View Details  View Details


PIR Motion Sensor

Wireless Roller Shutter
Sensor (Heavy Duty)


 Outdoor 50m IR
 View Details  View Details


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