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TCMS V2 Software

The brand FingerTec was born in 2000, with a visionary objective of bringing the then high-tech fingerprint technology normally used by government sector into a technology that is viable, affordable and reachable by mass commercial market. Its first 5-year plan was dedicated to the R&D incubation, mainly targeted in improving the fingerprint matching algorithm, the product’s robustness and user-friendliness; in short to provide fundamentals for the brand to soar high when it was launched. Within those 5 years, FingerTec had won 3 international awards as recognitions for its technology advancement.

In 2005, FingerTec embarked on the next 5-year plan, which focused more on worldwide market expansion. The plan deployed new branding concepts and strategies, which included product D-I-Y, Internet support & marketing, while continuing its efforts to improve the R&D. The result was stunning; elevated FingerTec as one of the most recognized biometric brands in the world in a short period of time. With all the above mentioned elements, FingerTec managed to spread its wings fast and far, doubling its sales every year with its products presence in around 100 countries within the past five years.

To further strengthen FingerTec’s global position, the third phase 5-year plan was introduced in 2010 with a transparent objective to achieve business and technology transformation. We aim to climb the vertical ladder to provide comprehensive solutions for access control market, and to employ cloud-computing technology for deployment in time and attendance industry. The use of Android platform and other biometric features such as face and vein recognition would be a part of FingerTec technology transformation plan to enhance our new product lines.

Beginning with a vision, followed by simple yet viable plans and well executions, FingerTec has started a remarkable revolution, changing the unreachable technology to the state-of-the art “touchable” products much faster than its rivals, setting a new benchmark for the biometric industry.



TCMS V2 Software

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TCMS v2 Key Features


User friendly user management page




Different types of work schedule management



Attendance Record viewing



Automatic data download and time sync



Save reports into different types of formats


Download:       pdf_download TCMS v2 User Guide                   pdf_download TCMS v2 Sample Reports



Standalone Door Access   |   Password & RFID Card   |   Fingerprint Recognition   |   Face Recognition
TCMS V2 Software