Security Fog System


SmokeCloak, a smart security fog generator that emits harmless smoke to obstruct the intruders, is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. It is a smart security solution that provides INSTANT Protection and can effectively deter a crime in progress.


SmokeCloak provides INSTANT Protection in the critical time gap between the activation of a security alarm and the response team’s arrival. It’s an ingenious little gadget that fills the secured area with an impenetrable cloud of harmless smoke. We call this “Security Fog” and it temporarily “BLINDS” the intruders. After all, you can’t steal while you can’t see! Traditional security measures only monitor and deter but do not stop criminals in their tracks, SmokeCloak prevents criminal activities by engulfing the area in a thick fog, forcing the intruders to flee empty handed.


smokecloak time gap


SmokeCloak releases huge volumes of dense but harmless white vapour when intruders are detected and the device is activated. The vapour, which is safe for humans, animals and equipment, is released within 20 seconds and its effects last for up to 40 minutes. The core idea is to reduce the visibility of an intruder’s surroundings so they are unable to see more than 20 cm ahead of them. This effectively stops them from criminal activity and is ideal for crimes like ‘smash-and-grab’. SmokeCloak is suitable for all kinds of spaces and works just as well in a tiny closet as in a huge factory.



Customer Reference

  • Jewelry Shop
  • Banks
  • Pawn Shop
  • Goldsmith Shop
  • Retail Shop
  • Luxury Watch Shop
  • Store & Warehouses
  • Money Changer
  • Petrol Station
  • Grocery / Sundry Shop
  • Others that need INSTANT Protection


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Is SmokeCloak hazardous?
A: No, SmokeCloak meets the British Standard for Health and Safety requirements of equipment. Harmless to humans and electronic equipment, the fog simply obscures vision when the system is triggered.

2. Q: What kind of maintenance is required for SmokeCloak?
A: SmokeCloak operates by converting a specially designed liquid into thick, white, harmless fog. The maintenance for the system is only to replace the fluid yearly and have the unit trigger checked once a year, to ensure system operation.

3. Q: Must I use SmokeCloak with an alarm system? Can it be used by itself?
A: SmokeCloak is designed to integrate with security alarm systems to receive trigger alerts either by panic alerts or alarm alerts. SmokeCloak also requires an alarm system to report 4 kinds of status, namely Fluid Low Notice, Power Failure Notice, System Failure Notice and Battery Failure Notice.

4. Q: How long does the fog stay suspended in the air?
A: The fog will remain suspended in the air for up to 40 minutes, after which it will slowly begin to settle.

5. Q: Is it harmful / messy to clean up after the effects wear off?
A: No, the fog is a smooth cool, powdery substance. Upon settling, the effects are like that of a room that’s been undusted for a couple of days. The residue is non-sticky and not conductive.

EASY Exterior Interior

Exterior & Interior of SmokeCloak EASY1000



Components & Accessories


Smokecloak easy SmokeCloak EASY1000

– 418 x 252 x 193 mm (HxWxD)
– 1.0 litre fluid refill system
– Output 150m3 / 30sec
– Suitable for small room, money changer, sundry shop, server room




Vali-20 SmokeCloak VALI V10

– 438 x 340 x 176 mm (HxWxD)
– 1.7 litre fluid refill system
– Output 405m3 / 30sec
– Suitable for petrol station, midsized office, jewelry shop




SmokeCloak VALI V20

– 488 x 340 x 176 mm (HxWxD)
– 1.7 litre fluid refill system
– Output 600m3 / 30sec
– Suitable for big room, open office spaces




FL600 Fluid Fluid-FL600-V  cloaksensor 4776-4880

Fluid FL600

Fluid FL600-V

Cloaksensor CS07

Fluid for EASY1000 Fluid for VALI Cloaksensor 
– 1.0 litre fluid refill – 1.7 litre fluid refill – detect correct amount of vapour
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Batteries_EASY Batteries_VALI

Battery EASY1000

Battery VALI

Battery for EASY1000 Battery for VALI
– 178 x 34 x 67 mm
– Weight 0.90 kg
– Capacity 2.1 Ah
– 97 x 48 x 52 mm
– Weight 0.63 kg
– Capacity 1.2 Ah
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